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Website Build, Maintenance and Hosting Support

At Surroundings Group we understand that your online presence is more than just a website – it’s a dynamic representation of your brand and that the website is potentially only a piece of the total online experience for you and your customers. Our team is excited to discuss, plan and collaborate with you in every aspect of your web journey:

Website Creation:

Complete your digital journey with confidence. Our expert team oversees the entire process, from strategic planning and cutting-edge design to meticulous implementation and a seamless Go Live process. Your vision is our mission, and we bring it to life with a focus on excellence at every step.

Support for Website Maintenance and Revisions:

Your website is organic, changing regularly as your business and your customers evolve.  We provide dedicated support for continuous maintenance and timely revisions. Our team ensures your website stays up-to-date, aligning with your changing needs and industry trends.

Proactive Platform Updates:

Security and user functionality are paramount. Our proactive approach involves regular platform updates to fortify your website against potential threats. Stay ahead in the digital landscape with the latest features and functionalities that enhance both security and user experience.

Hosting Environment Maintenance and Monitoring:

Reliability is the backbone of a successful online presence. Our team manages your hosting environment with proactive monitoring, ensuring optimal performance, and swift issue resolution. We keep a vigilant eye on your website, providing continuous monitoring for a seamless online experience.

Choose Surroundings Group for a full service web solution that goes beyond creation – we’re your partners for long term success. Let’s build and grow together!

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