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We’re a motivative group of adaptive-first, creative humans working together to make digital interactions…well, more human. We bet you’ll fit right in.

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Social Media Coordinator

Business Development Manager

Sales Development Representative


Certified Creator

Account Manager

Our company culture thrives on you

Why Work at Surroundings Group?

Scaling a meaningful culture

Our company culture thrives on you . We transform brainstorming into a fun-filled adventure, where thinking outside the box is our compass for creativity. Here, innovation is our norm, and fun is our fuel.

Growth & Development

Team members have the unique opportunity to flourish through shadowing diverse departments, gaining insights that spark personal and professional evolution. We cultivate this growth with quarterly and annual one-on-one sessions, understanding each team member’s aspirations, and helping them chart a path towards success.

Luxury Industry

Live the dream, working in an industry and lifestyle that most only dream of. Here, we savor luxury daily, turning aspirations into reality, and crafting a career that’s the envy of many. Welcome to the world where passion meets opulence.

Where We've Been, Where We're Headed!